SBS has a wide range of brake pads for all motorcycles on the market and for purely road, road / track, track, off road, racing etc. use.

The range of pads for road motorbikes, hypersortive is wide and covers all needs, but among the many proposals which one to choose for a sport road use?

A widespread mistake is to think that the best brake pad for your motorcycle is the most racing one: right, but only in part.

In fact, the racing brake pads go very well on the track, where high speeds are reached, braking hard and often, making the brakes reach high temperatures.

These conditions can only be partially replicated on the road, so even with a hypersport bike, you have to choose those brake pads that offer excellent friction power at temperatures reached on roads open to the public, that is much lower than on the track.

In practice, an excellent road brake pad must have excellent braking even in cold weather, with wet conditions and good modulation.

These aspects, however, are irrelevant on the track (or almost ...).

Hence the error of many to adopt typically racing brake pads, excellent for the track, but not suitable for road use.

SBS manufactures a range of brake pads specific for road sports use, the Street Performance Upgrade Evo Sinter SP, which improve the performance of the sintered metal pads.

The SBS Street Performance Upgrade Evo Sinter SP brake pads, compared to a traditional sintered pad, offer a greater initial grip, but which however remains simple to modulate.

The effort to be applied to the brake lever to obtain the same braking as a normal sintered brake pad is less, despite having an equal duration and not ruining the braking track.

They don't need to warm up to offer maximum performance, and their effectiveness remains constant even in the wet.

We tested them on a Honda CBR1000RR and the first impressions are excellent.

Keep following us and soon we will tell you how they go and the differences with the main competitors!


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