Find out all the opinions on the sintered SBS brake pads here are all the details to know

We have tested the sintered SBS brake pads for a long time and have obtained excellent opinions.

First of all they do not damage the discs more than the original brake pads.

Then they have excellent modulation and brake very well in the wet.

Finally, most importantly, they don't require to be hot to brake well.

In short, they are an excellent substitute for organic pads, compared to which they have a greater braking power.

They cost more, it's true, but in the end that's their only real flaw, for the rest you only have advantages.

Compared to competitors, they may be less aggressive, depending on the model chosen, but it is a design choice of the Street Evo Sinter range, intended precisely for road use, including sports.

Those who use the motorbike on the track, on the other hand, should turn to SBS pads specifically designed for this purpose.

In conclusion, if the doubt is in the replacement of the original brake pads of the bike, organic or sintered, the choice with the SBS Street Upgrade Evo Sinter is without a doubt positive and convenient from every point of view.


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