Better brake pads SBS Evo Sinter SP or Brembo Rosse? here is the answer with all the details to know

Both SBS and Brembo brake pads are excellent and similar, they also have a similar cost, so much so that their price cannot be discriminated against.

However, they do have some small differences.

The Brembo Rosse have an excellent bite, especially when hot, they are more aggressive than the SBS, in the first part of the braking, but the maximum power is the same (difficult to say which is higher).

On the other hand, they always require some braking to perform at their best and must always remain warm, they can be modulated but not at the level of the SBS.

On the contrary, the SBS are more modular, they work very well even when cold, and have the same braking power.

Both wear discs more than organic pads, perhaps Brembo slightly more than SBS, but much depends on the quality of the discs and not on the type of brake pad used.

Which of the two is better? For road use both are fine, they are similar, but more versatile the SBS, the Brembo sometimes (in cold or rain) brake less than the SBS.


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